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Based on the cumulated experience of more than 30 years, 45’000 Sports and Live- Events, operated in more than 200 Venues (Stadia, Arenas, Theatres, Open-air), VERESCON is the leading independent strategy consulting company in this field.

We develop customized, sustainable and creative concepts to improve our client’s corporate performance. Creating further “added-value” for our clients with seeing through the implementation of any concept proposed.

Our starting point is always the Venue and everything around the Venue and we take a particular interest in small and mid-size facilities, irrespective of its current status which maybe is in planning, operating, before refurbishment or dormant. Taking at any time into consideration the unique challenges municipality owned facilities face in their environment, a situation we are well experienced with.

Together with our clients we acknowledge the importance of positioning the Venue, content and programming and in conjunction with effective marketing strategies and sales programs these become the key parameters for success, in any dimension, of a Venue.

In our portfolio of expertise we develop customized solutions for venue operations, we support our clients with „best practice“ concepts and assist in developing benchmarks relating to the respective market.


VERESCON founded by prolific entrepreneurs, to whom Integrity and Individuality are essential values, is based on a large, unique worldwide network of Senior Consultants of highest qualification combined with a business minded approach.